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Our Kids guide to private schools in Poland

Second annual edition

About Our Kids

Our Kids Media has over 20 years of experience working with schools and gathering knowledge about the private school landscape in Canada. This has enabled us to become the #1 school-research platform in the country. Through both our website and our annual print guide, we make it easier for families to do the research they need to find the right school. Now, we’re bringing our expertise to Poland— our country of origin—where we now have a team of professionals full of energy, experience, and knowledge.

About the guide

Ensuring the right education for our children is paramount—one of the most important gifts we can give them. If you're considering a private school, our second edition of the Our Kids Guide to Private Schools in Poland will provide you with everything you need to make an informed choice.

In this 100-page guide, you'll learn about many different types of schools, programs, and trends in education. We also offer advice from renowned experts about choosing a school, as well as other information you won't find anywhere else. Finally, we profile several of the leading private schools in Poland (plus several world-class boarding schools).

Please read our guide from cover to cover. We're thrilled about giving you everything you need to choose the right school!

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the school information on this site. Please contact schools directly to confirm all details.