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Free time: activities and camps for kids

Find a program for your child: after-school classes and extracurriculars, summer and winter camps

A strong academic education is certainly important in a child's life. We all know, though, that there's more to life than just school. Most parents also want their kids to spend their free time in an environment where they can unwind and de-stress, while learning something new.

For this reason, many parents enrol their kids in various extracurriculars, programs, and camps, such as in language, arts, sports, technical skills, sciences, nature, and adventure. It's important to make the most of your child's free time after school or during spring breaks and winter and summer holidays.  continue reading...

List of programs

Program  ( = Featured ) Ages Specialty Type Languages / Type
EF Education
13 to 99 Language Studies Overnight camp Mandarin, French, Spanish, English, German, Polish, Russian
Language Studies
MWS Student Camps
Toronto, Montréal
7 to 18 Language Studies Day camp, Overnight camp French, English
Language Studies
Warszawa, Lublin, Gdynia
2 to 19 Math After-school classes Polish

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Kids enjoy day camps. But they also enjoy other programs and opportunities (including overnight camps), many of which have a specific focus, such as travel, sports, or language. Such activities and programs enrich them with invaluable knowledge, new skills and experiences, adventure, as well as help them make many new friends.

The advantages of enrolling in activities and camps

There are many benefits to participating in camps, programs, and extracurriculars. Below, we list some of the main ones.

Benefits of summer camps and kids programs

Our Kids Guide to Kids' Camps and Programs

Our guide will help you find and compare activities, after-school programs, and camps for children and teens. Browse our trusted member programs to see what's available and which programs your child might be the best fit for (many of which you may not even have known about).

For 21 years, Our Kids has fulfilled this role in Canada—as the trusted guide for parents who care about the all-around development of their children. Our guide is used by thousands of parents every month looking for valuable opportunities for their children to spend their free time during the school year, as well as during winter and summer holidays. Have a look at 350+ camps and kids' programs in Canada here: www.ourkids.net/camp.

Now it's time for Poland!

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