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The first annual Our Kids non-public school expo in Warsaw was a great success

The 2019 school expo had a record attendance

Our first annual non-public school expo was held on Sunday, March 10th, at the Warsaw University Library. It was a huge success: over 1,000 people participated in it, and 25 schools exhibited. Unfortunately, we had to turn down a number of schools interested in participating due to a lack of space. Next year, expect our expo to be even bigger and better. Hope to see you there!  continue reading...

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Participants at the expo

We had the opportunity to speak with schools, as well as hundreds of families who visited the expo. We’re happy to say the feedback we received was very positive.

Schools commented that the expo was well organized, gave them the opportunity to network and gather info, found the seminars and materials provided by Our Kids valuable, and found the school booths attractive and well set up.

Families loved the children’s activities, diversity of schools, in-depth information provided by schools, and the opportunity to learn about new types of schools.

Most importantly, expo participants left with a much deeper knowledge of non-public education and a greater understanding of the school search and selection process. This was our primary goal.

We’re very pleased that our expo generated so much interest and enthusiasm. Because of the huge public demand for knowledge about non-public education and contact with schools, we expect this to continue in the years to come (we’ll be hosting a non-public school expo in Warsaw every year).


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Warsaw 2019 Expo

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To learn more about the expo, read our brochure (or "welcome guide").

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