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Religious schools in Poland

Find the top religious or faith-based schools in Poland

Since 1991, religious education in Poland has received a green light from the state. Legal changes, and in particular the Act on the education system, caused an increase in the number of religious schools, including Catholic schools, that continues to this day.

A religious school is an educational institution headed by a competent church authority (e.g., a bishop) a legal church or public entity (dioceses, parishes, religious congregation,) or which has been recognized as such by a religious authority in a written document. Teaching and education should be based on the principles of a religious doctrine, and the lecturers are to have a healthy approach to learning and an impeccable life history.  continue reading...

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List of schools

School  ( = Featured ) Grades Type Languages / Type
2 Szkoła Podstawowa i Liceum Ogólnokształcące Sióstr Nazaretanek

Czerniakowska 137, Warszawa, 00-720
Gr. 1 to Gr. 12 International Baccalaureate
Roman Catholic
English, Polish
International Baccalaureate
Roman Catholic
1 Niagara Christian Collegiate

2619 Niagara Pkwy, Fort Erie, L2A 5M4
Gr. 6 to Gr. 12 English
1 Houghton Academy

9790 Thayer, Houghton, 14744
Gr. 6 to Gr. 12 A levels
American Curriculum
English, Spanish
A levels
American Curriculum
0 Polonijne Liceum Ogólnokształcące Niepubliczne KLASYK
Matuszewska 20, Warszawa, 03-876
0 Szkoły Stowarzyszenia Sternik
ul. Pożaryskiego 28, Warszawa, 04-703
0 Katolicka Szkoła Podstawowa im. Św. Wojciecha
ul. Nowodworska 17, Bydgoszcz, 85-120
0 Krok po Kroku
Orszady 10, Warszawa, 02-797
0 Collegium Gostynianum zespół szkół katolickich im. ks. Kazimierza
ul. Droga Męczenników Majdanka 27, Lublin, 20-325

On this page:

Some religious schools are associated with a Catholic school, but other Christian schools also operate in Poland. There are also schools associated with other faiths.

There are also private Jewish schools in Poland. In these schools, children will learn about Jewish culture and history as well as the Hebrew language.

Private religious schools, both Catholic and Christian, provide education for children and youth according to program guidelines adopted by education in Poland at all stages, from kindergarten through elementary school, junior high school, vocational school, high school and ending in higher education.

There are 567 Catholic schools in Poland today (there are also many Catholic kindergartens). In Christian schools, children come not only from Catholic families, but also, for example, from Evangelical or Protestant families.

Benefits of private religious schools in Poland

What speaks in favour of religious schools, such as Catholic or Christian ones? Statistics. The results of the annual school rankings confirm the growing popularity of these schools in Poland. Their students win high places in olympiads and competitions at various levels of national competition, and the pass rate of examinations for universities of these students is equally high.

They offer a high level of education through the selection of educated staff, extended learning programs, emphasis on foreign language learning, stimulating and broadening the horizons of students, and shaping the right moral attitude based on Christian values.

The key to the success of religious schools is partially a properly selected student. Children undergo initial selection not only in terms of academic performance, but the so-called background of a young child: his or her interests, goals, attitudes, as a candidate for a religious school.

An important aspect of the recruitment is also the student's parents, their attitude, expectations towards the school, and often high aspirations towards their own child. All these aspects create natural factors for achieving good results and an inspiration to learn.

Curricula in private schools emphasize the development of interests and knowledge for ambitious students. They often offer international high school diplomas, participation in projects at the academic level, and have access to staff with high-level academic degrees.

Schools conduct additional classes and education for talented and outstanding youth. Much more emphasis than in state schools is placed in private schools on foreign language learning through foreign trips and international exchanges.

Parents who decide to send their child to a denominational/religious school in Poland pay attention to at least one more important aspect: proper upbringing of a young person. An ideal model for shaping a child is a consistent upbringing by both parents and school.

By working with parents, it is possible to act for the good of the child and his or her proper development. This is a completely different approach to the student than the commonly found educational model. It often convinces parents to pay tuition fees for studying in a religious school in exchange for a sense of complicity in raising their child according to the expected values.

Wonderful teaching staff: Attentive to a young child, caring for their intellectual development, conferring knowledge how to live and cope in the present world, focused on achieving personal success through the successes of their students, and also able to notice individuality among their pupils and adequately address their needs. All this is a convincing argument that a religious school will give them a greater sense of security in the interests of their child's education.

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