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Private Catholic and Christian schools in Poland

What Polish Catholic and Christian schools have to offer

In Poland, there are many private and non-public schools that teach in the spirit of Christianity. They’re commonly referred to as “Catholic schools.” Some of these schools are run by church institutions, while others are run by people or secular organizations.

Private Catholic and Christian schools (and any religious-affiliated school), like other schools in Poland, must be sanctioned by the local government. This means they must meet the guidelines established by the Polish Ministry of Education. These schools are available at all levels, from preschool to high school.  continue reading...

List of schools

School  ( = Featured ) Grades Type Languages / Type
1 Houghton Academy

9790 Thayer, Houghton, 14744
Gr. 6 to Gr. 12 A levels
American Curriculum
English, Spanish
A levels
American Curriculum
1 Niagara Christian Collegiate

2619 Niagara Pkwy, Fort Erie, L2A 5M4
Gr. 6 to Gr. 12 English
0 Polonijne Liceum Ogólnokształcące Niepubliczne KLASYK
Matuszewska 20, Warszawa, 03-876
0 Katolicka Szkoła Podstawowa im. Św. Wojciecha
ul. Nowodworska 17, Bydgoszcz, 85-120
0 Szkoły Stowarzyszenia Sternik
ul. Pożaryskiego 28, Warszawa, 04-703
0 Collegium Gostynianum zespół szkół katolickich im. ks. Kazimierza
ul. Droga Męczenników Majdanka 27, Lublin, 20-325
0 Krok po Kroku
Orszady 10, Warszawa, 02-797

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These schools receive support from the Catholic church and from other churches. In some ways, though, Christian schools are run similar to other secular schools in Poland. They normally have similar curricula, subjects, and activities as secular schools. Most also admit non-practising Christians and even non-believers. The difference is that, unlike secular schools, they teach Christian and Catholic values.

Private Catholic and Christian schools and the Polish education system

The Polish educational authorities don’t keep track of the number of Catholic or Christian schools (or schools of other denominations). It’s thus difficult to know how many of these schools there are in Poland.

Some educational organizations and the statistics bureau have, though, collected some data. This data shows the huge growth in Poland of religious-affiliated schools, including Catholic and Christian schools, over the last 28 years.

According to the latest Central Statistical Office of Poland data, in the 2016-2017 school year, religious organizations ran 105 primary schools, 147 junior high schools, 89 secondary schools, 10 special education schools, and 24 technical and vocational schools. For comparison, for the 2010-2011 year, the numbers were 78, 125, 93, 6 and 25, respectively.

In just a six-year period (from 2010-2011 to 2016-2017), then, the number of faith-based schools, including primary, lower secondary, general secondary, vocational and technical schools, has increased by about 50. In short, private faith-based schools in Poland, including Catholic and Christian schools, are growing in numbers. For instance, in Warsaw alone, the number of Catholic and religious schools, including preschools, is up to 50. These schools are clearly becoming more popular among Polish families.

Benefits of Catholic and Christian schools in Poland

The increasing number of private Catholic (and religious schools) in Poland, and their growing popularity, isn’t due to an increase in the number of Catholics in Poland. Rather, the appeal of these schools seems to stem from their approach to education and their high level of teaching.

Students of these schools tend to do well in standardized exams. In fact, these schools often rank at or near the top of the chart in their test scores at all the levels of education.

This is confirmed by the results of the latest grade 6 exams, in 2016, as well as those for middle and high school. These high test scores distinguish private Catholic schools as among the best in Poland. They also allow graduates of these schools to get into other prestigious private and non-public schools in Poland.

There are plenty of other benefits of private Catholic and Christian schools in Poland. Below, we describe some of the main ones. To learn about the benefits of Poland private schools in general, read our guide.

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