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Schools and classes for children with autism in Poland

What is autism and how can you provide the best education for an autistic child?

Autism is a disorder in the development and functioning of the nervous system. It manifests itself in the disruption of communicating and feelings, and is characterized by an extreme difficulty in forming relationships with other people. Because of stereotypical behaviours, autistic people are alienated in their own world of experience.  continue reading...

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The life of an autistic person can be viewed more vividly in a video by clicking here. Children with autism have difficulty focusing on one activity, so they’ll have a hard time in a regular school.

So let's take a closer look at some institutions in Poland that offer special education programs for children with this autism spectrum disorder.

Educational institutions for children with autism in Poland: examples

A class in one of the schools in Gdańsk is an outstanding pioneer. The educational environment in which children learn is ideally suited to their specific needs. Classes are conducted both in groups and individually. Moreover, the initiative is a project carried out under the supervision of the Institute of Psychology of the University of Gdańsk. The project was hailed as a pedagogical experiment. This status was granted to it by Poland’s Ministry of Education.

It’s also important that it’s not a separate institution, but a class that operates in a school with regular students. Autistic children can participate in school life whenever possible and attend the same classes as their non-autistic peers. Nothing is imposed, everything is tailored to students’ individual needs, depending on the student and their predispositions, as well as the stage they’re at. The teaching staff is the same throughout the school, but the teachers have been trained by the Institute for Supporting Child Development in Gdańsk.

Another facility in the city of Rzeszów was created in response to the demand for a place where children with autism will be able to use their potential, according to an individualized education program and with appropriate therapy. Through numerous training sessions and conferences, the teaching staff are constantly developing in their work with autistic children.

A class there is a small group of 3 to 4 students, which makes it easier to work with children individually and allows the teacher to tailor the activities to their needs. There are no bells at school and breaks are scheduled as needed. The building itself is far from the city centre and is surrounded by greenery. Classes offered by the school include music therapy, corrective gymnastics, speech therapy, dog therapy, alternative communication, functioning in the environment, music with rhythmics, and many others. In addition, students take an active part in school discos and in trips and outings. They perform at assemblies and participate in numerous competitions.

In addition, the facility is constantly available to help. Parents can familiarize themselves with the curriculum and submit their comments and suggestions for modifications. Additionally, they receive tips on how to help their kids with homework and learn how to solve everyday problems.

A primary school in Pruszków near Warsaw is a private school which implements a rehabilitation program for autistic children. The school offers a small number of classes, and the schedule is tailored to the individual abilities of the child. An oasis of peace and a sense of security—this will undoubtedly be felt by children attending this facility. Parents can count on professional help in preparing their kids for an independent life after graduation.

One of the private special education schools in Toruń is a primary school—an ideal place for children and teenagers struggling with autism. The mission of the facility is not only to create favourable conditions for the child's development, but also to provide school support for the family. The curriculum is based on scientifically researched techniques. The main method of working with a child is behavioural therapy. The school strives to keep students safe and create an environment of acceptance and friendship.

The main goal of a centre in Olsztyn is to help autistic children learn about and understand the world around them. They strive to help the students function better in their everyday life, which is not fully comprehensible to them. Movement and many other forms of therapy help in proper development, with no pressure, which allows for faster individual progress. The children learn to relate to their peers and to communicate with them stress-free.

Warsaw is famous for its great opportunities and choice. There are also a lot of institutions, therapy centres, preschools, and schools offering education for children with autism, including private ones. But how do you find the most appropriate school? It’s definitely worth paying attention to many factors, such as the teaching staff, school equipment, and the schedule. Before the final decision is made, it’s worth researching various websites and discussion forums.

To sum up, there’s a wide range of different institutions in Poland that offer individualized approaches to educating children with special educational needs. Working with an exceptional child requires years of experience and commitment, as well as creating appropriate conditions conducive to proper development. It’s worth providing your child with such an opportunity, thanks to which they will gain invaluable psychological comfort.

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