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Private School Expo: Don’t choose a school before attending the Expo. February 10, 2024     RSVP  

Why Our Kids?

What is Our Kids and what are the benefits of becoming an Our Kids member school?

Watch this webinar recording with our Director and Editor-in-Chief for an introduction to Our Kids, how families use it when choosing a school, and the benefits schools are seeing once becoming members.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • Changes in the non-public education system in Poland and what this means for schools now and in the future
  • The typical process of choosing a private school and what’s most important to them
  • How exactly the Our Kids platform works and the results you can expect as an Our Kids member school

Learn more or get started today

Contact us to make an appointment or phone call. We will discuss your specific expectations and show you how to maximize the benefits of membership in Our Kids.

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Opinions of Our Kids member schools:

I am very pleased, the Expo was well organized and prepared.
Małgorzata Wiśniewska, Waldorf Primary School A. Cieszkowski

The entire Our Kids project is a great idea to reach people who are interested in private schools…. Our Kids perfectly supports our school marketing.
Agnieszka Olszewska, founder and director Polish-English Primary School Edison

Our Kids Guide is brilliantly published, similar in a way to LA Parent published in Los Angeles. It's a very good way to give parents information about schools in an interesting way.
Sylvia Macias Dvorkin, Director, Warsaw Montessori School

For us it is important to be able to go out into the world with information about our school. Our school was formed to help people immigrating from abroad above all, and this is how we see our mission. It is very important that we are visible to families internationally and that people who are wondering if it is worth moving to Łódź, know that there is a school at this level.
Magdalena Matz, Chairman of the Board, British International School of the University of Lodz

At first contact I thought Our Kids was another booklet with a list of schools so I approached the matter with some skepticism. Later, when I saw that solid information was provided there and that those interested could learn a lot from these materials, I realized Our Kids is about something else.... On such a platform as Our Kids, where everything is described in detail, parents, relocation companies or corporations that offer school recommendations to employees can accurately see what each school offers and receive knowledge that goes beyond the name itself and beautiful color pictures.
Katarzyna Kotulska, director, Embassy International School, Krakow

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the school information on this site. Please contact schools directly to confirm all details.