Army and Navy Academy: inspiring confidence, independence, and resilience

Confidence, independence and resilience are some of the traits that characterize boys at the Army and Navy Academy.  Located on the coast of California in San Diego County, the Army and Navy Academy is internationally recognized as a premier military boarding school for boys grades 7-12.  Following a UC standard-based curriculum, first-class leadership training, and a roster of clubs, sports and weekend activities, the Army and Navy Academy is truly unique.

Catering to boys’ needs

The Army and Navy Academy caters to the way boys learn best.  By providing small class sizes, interactive lessons, personal attention and formal leadership training, the Academy is educating tomorrow’s leaders to reach their full potential through what they call “The Warrior Experience”.  Honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility, compassion and gratitude are the cornerstones of values held by cadets at the Army and Navy Academy.  “Our mission is to educate, mentor, and develop good leadership and character in young men,” says Candace Heindenrich.

The experience of a lifetime

“The Academy can be a life-changing experience for boys, given our emphasis on how boys learn and engage,” says Heindenrich. Days are highly structured, with formations, tutorial periods, sports, R&R time, study time and grooming/room inspections.  Boys are given opportunities to develop their confidence, responsibility, time management, social skills, leadership skills and goal-setting skills.

An emphasis on participation

The Army and Navy Academy offers a wide range of extracurricular activities including clubs, weekend activities, spring international trips, leadership training courses off-site, fine arts events, CIF and team sports, surfing and much more. Physical activity is considered an integral part of a healthy day.  At 3:15 each day, the campus is transformed into an Olympic Village, with every cadet involved in some form of physical activity, from interscholastic athletics, club sports, strength and conditioning or specialized physical education.

Preview Date Info:

Preview dates: February 10, March 9, and April 13.

Time: 7:30 – 11:00

RSVP: As there are limited spaces at the event, an RSVP is required.  Contact [email protected] or 760-547-5283.

Event details:  Experience the morning flag ceremony, formation, sit in two classes of your choice and go on a tour of the campus.

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