Hatch Canada Coding Camp: June 23 Open House

Hatch Canada teaches kids to code. Discover the summer camps and summer coding programs Hatch Canada in Toronto has to offer on June 23rd.

Star Academy gets gold star for teaching excellence

The Star Academy water event

Star Academy students showcase cross-curricular, technology-based learning at their student exhibit, Water: The Ripple Event. Read More…

Does my child really need an iPad?

Girl on tablet

It seems, everywhere you turn these days, children of all ages and stages are playing with Ipads. Are Ipads a a technological teaching tool for children, or a ‘mini vacation’ for parents? Read More…

Havergal College Featured on The Agenda

How will technology change education in 2030?

Havergal College was featured in the Agenda’s series on Education in 2030. Read More…

Cyberbullying: The Downside of the Digital Age


Cyberbullying effects the victim, the bully and others in the school environment. Find out how you can put a stop to bullying. Read more…

Help Your Child Succeed In Our Digital World

Digital Literacy

Students today need digital literacy skills in order to succeed in the digital world. Parents and educators can help by modelling good digital literacy skills at home and in the classroom. Read more…

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