Site Feature: Find Private School Financial Aid With New Scholarship Finder

Private school is not just for the elite. As financial aid has become increasingly important, many schools have been opening up their doors to deserving students with more scholarships, bursaries and payment plans.

Private School Financial Aid, Scholarships and Payment Plans: Scholarship Finder

While many parents may think private school is out of their reach, they may be surprised to find that there are more financial aid options today. UPPER CANADA COLLEGE PHOTO BY STAN BEHAL/OUR KIDS MEDIA

“A lot of families simply assume it’s out of their reach, but in fact schools such as ours do offer wonderful financial aid,” says Chantal Kenny, executive director of admission at Toronto-based boys’ school Upper Canada College (also known as UCC), in an interview in the latest Our Kids Canada’s Private School Guide.

Before ruling out private school, check out the options—you may be surprised to find that a private school education isn’t out of reach for your family after all.

To help make the search easier, browse thousands of dollars in available funding from private schools and government and private organizations with Our Kids’ online Scholarship Finder. Our new section shows some of the schools that provide financial aid, including the amount available in bursaries and scholarships, deadlines, as well as more information on the specific school’s financial aid offerings. You can also refine your search with our advanced search engine, allowing you to find a listing of schools and camps with financial aid, bursaries, scholarships and sibling discounts.

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What are your tips for paying for private school? Share your advice and resources for parents in the Comments section below. 


Scholarship Finder: Private School Financial Aid, Scholarships and Payment Plans

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