Fraser Institute Releases 2013 Alberta Elementary School Rankings

How did your son or daughter’s Alberta elementary school rank in the Fraser Institute’s 2013 report? 

The results of the annual Fraser Report have come out, ranking Alberta elementary schools with all kinds of curricula, from public and catholic to Waldorf, Montessori and francophone. Out of a total of 659 schools ranked, 42 showed an improvement in the last five years.

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The Frazer Institute ranks schools and allows parents, students and educators to compare them by compiling important information on educational performance in a public “report card” each year. This rankings on the report card are based on general criteria such as trends of academic improvement, ratio of unwritten tests, and how well the curriculum fits the school’s socioeconomic demographic, as well as nine specific indicators. These nine markers include a variety of different tests in grades three and nine, which cover several different subjects. These nine indicators serve to provide insight into the teaching quality and gender gap of the school, and are added up into an overall score out of 10, which is then compared to other schools.

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The Institute seeks to help parents find a school that fits their child, help struggling schools and pinpoint subject areas in which students succeed in order to help educators rework curricula where students need more attention through its rankings.

“The report card also includes important information about each school’s make-up, including parents’ average income, the percentage of ESL students, and the percentage of special needs students,” the Institute notes. This information generally does not negatively single out a particular group, but is a testament to the fact that improvement is possible everywhere. This year, of the 20 Alberta schools showing the fastest improvement over the last 5 years, 7 are schools where ESL students make up 40 percent of the student body, and13 are public schools where the parental income is less than the provincial average.

“Our report shows that all schools are capable of improvement, regardless of the personal or family challenges their students might face,” said Peter Cowley, Fraser Institute director of school performance studies.

The report not only shows improvement, but also highlights the top schools in the province. Take a look at the top 10 ranked elementary schools and the most improved list below:

Top Alberta Elementary Schools with a rating of 9.0 or higher 

  1. Webber (Calgary) – 10.0 (2011-2012), 9.9 (Last 5 years)
  2. Mount Pleasant (Edmonton) – 10.0, 9.7
  3. Sunalta (Calgary) – 10.0, 9.5
  4. Clear Water Academy (Calgary), 10.0, 9.4
  5. St. Philip (Calgary) – 9.8, 9.0
  6. Stratford (Edmonton) – 9.7, 9.1
  7. Grandview Heights (Edmonton) – 9.7, 8.8
  8. St. Martin (Edmonton) – 9.5, 9.3
  9. Strathcona-Tweedsmuir (Okotoks) – 9.5, 9.3
  10. Master’s Academy (Calgary) – 9.4, 9.3
  11. Calgary French & International (Calgary) – 9.4, 9.2
  12. Hillhurst (Calgary) – 9.4, 9.2
  13. Westbrook (Edmonton) – 9.3, 9.1
  14. Aurora (Edmonton) – 9.2, 8.7
  15. Nellie McClung (Calgary) – 9.0, 9.1
  16. Alex Ferguson (Calgary) – 9.0, 8.8

Top 20 Fastest-Improving Alberta Elementary Schools 

  1. Bannerman (Public), Edmonton
  2. Pollard Meadows (Public), Edmonton
  3. St. Augustine (Separate), Ponoka
  4. Thickwood Heights (Public), Fort McMurray
  5. Westglen (Public), Edmonton
  6. Annie Foote (Public), Calgary
  7. Langevin (Public), Calgary
  8. Virginia Park (Public), Edmonton
  9. Grandview Heights (Public), Edmonton
  10. Two Hills Mennonite (Public), Edmonton
  11. Erin Woods (Public), Calgary
  12. High Prairie (Public), High Prairie
  13. St. Clare (Separate), Calgary
  14. St. Lucy (Separate), Edmonton
  15. Derek Taylor (Public), Grande Prairie
  16. Blueberry (Public), Stony Plain
  17. McLeod (Public), Edmonton
  18. Meyokumin (Public), Edmonton
  19. Hill Crest (Public), La Crete
  20. Millwoods Christian (Public), Edmonton
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