Fraser Institute Releases 2013 Alberta High School Rankings

How did your son or daughter’s Alberta high school rank in the Fraser Institute’s 2013 report? Find out more below!

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The results of the Fraser Institute’s report on Alberta high schools were released yesterday showing significant improvement for 22 of the 279 public, private, separate, and charter schools ranked, including 12 public schools and nine schools in Calgary.

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The Fraser results are based on eight academic indicators derived from grade-12 diploma exam results as well as graduation and grade-to-grade transition rates.

According to the news release published Saturday, the list of improving high schools also includes one charter school, one private school, and eight separate schools across the province.

“Our report card consistently shows that school improvement is occurring all over Alberta, from High Prairie in the north to Lethbridge in the south and everywhere in between,” said Peter Cowley, Fraser Institute director of school performance studies, in the release.

“The rankings suggest that any school can improve, regardless of the challenges its students face. Only the Fraser Institute’s report card ensures that school success stories like these become widely known.”

The report card also includes important information about each school’s make-up, including parents’ average income, the percentage of ESL students, and the percentage of special needs students.

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The report also stated that of the 22 Alberta high schools that showed significant academic improvement, five were public schools where the parental income was below average. At one of those schools, special needs students accounted for nearly 20 per cent of school enrolment; at another, more than a quarter of the students were ESL learners.

“Principals and teachers who have not yet found ways to improve might profit from talking to the staff at these schools,” Cowley said.


Top Alberta private schools that rated 8.0 or above both in 2011-2012 and in the last five years were listed as:

  1. Rundle College (Calgary) – 10.0 (2011-2012), 10 (last five years)
  2. Webber (Calgary) – 10.0, 9.8
  3. West Island College (Calgary) – 9.9, 9.8
  4. Strathcona-Tweedsmuir (Okotoks) – 9.2, 9.4
  5. Bearspaw Christian (Calgary) – 8.9, n/a
  6. Rundle College Academy (Calgary) – 8.8, 7.0
  7. Clear Water Academy (Calgary) – 8.7, n/a
  8. Immanuel Christian (Calgary) – 8.2, 7.8

In order of improvement, the top Alberta high schools were listed as:

  1. Bassano (Public), Bassano
  2. E. W. Pratt (Public), High Prairie
  3. St. Augustine (Separate), Ponoka
  4. Rundle College Academy (Private), Calgary
  5. Glenmary (Separate), Peace River
  6. F. P. Walshe (Public), Fort Macleod
  7. National Sport (Public), Calgary
  8. Crescent Heights (Public), Calgary
  9. McCoy (Separate), Medicine Hat
  10. Three Hills (Public), Three Hills
  11. Notre Dame (Separate), Calgary
  12. Beaumont (Public), Beaumont
  13. Hunting Hills (Public), Red Deer
  14. Holy Trinity (Separate), Edmonton
  15. Westmount (Charter), Calgary
  16. Holy Trinity Academy (Separate), Okotoks
  17. Catholic Central (Separate), Lethbridge
  18. Browness (Public), Calgary
  19. Strathcona Christian (Public), Sherwood Park
  20. Centennial (Public), Calgary
  21. Bishop O’Byrne (Separate), Calgary
  22. Springbank (Public), Calgary

Read the full Fraser Institute report here and be sure to check out the Calgary Herald and the Edmonton Sun for additional information.

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What do you think of the Fraser Institute’s yearly report to measure schools’ success? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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