Fraser Institute Releases 2013 Ontario Elementary School Rankings

How did your son or daughter’s Ontario elementary school rank in the Fraser Institute’s 2013 report? 

This year’s report card issued by the Fraser Institute to Ontario’s Elementary Schools shows that 167 of the province’s schools have shown significant improvement.

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Ontario’s top 20 most improved feature a mixture of catholic and public schools, and the province’s top schools include catholic, public, and private schools with varying educational styles.

The Fraser Institute’s report serves as a virtual report card, ranking, reviewing and comparing schools on a number of educational standards. The report is published annually and ranks both elementary and high schools in Canadian provinces. According to the Institute Director, Peter Cowley the report aims to highlight school successes and improvements.

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“The Report Card provides a valuable tool for making a decision. Because it makes comparisons easy, it alerts parents to those nearby schools that appear to have more effective academic programs. Parents can also determine whether schools of interest are improving over time” states the article accompanying the 2013 report card. However, the Institute cautions that decisions regarding education should not be based solely on one source, but requires careful consideration of a child’s individual needs.

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The report card ranks schools out of an overall score of 10.0 based on nine indicators, all derived from provincial tests administered by EQAO in grades 3 and 6. The results of these tests help determine quality of teaching and the magnitude of the knowledge gap between male and female students.

The report continuously emphasizes that improvement occurs consistently in all areas and throughout all socioeconomic groups. Out of this years 167 improved schools, 64 are located in the GTA – Ontario’s most populous area – 44 are in Southwestern Ontario, 36 in North Central Ontario, and 23 in Eastern Ontario. In the top 20 most improved alone, this hold true, of which 10 are public schools where the parental income is less than average. 8 of the top 20 are schools where 30 percent of the student body is made up of special needs students.

Despite there still being a lot of room for improvement, many Ontario elementary schools yield results to be proud of, with more than 10 schools tied for first in the ranking, each with a perfect score of 10.0!

“We all want the best possible education for our children.” Said Cowley, of the results. “To achieve this, every Ontario school should make improvement Job 1.”

Top Ontario Elementary Schools 

  1. Hillmount (Toronto) – 10.0(2011-2012), 10.0(Last five years)
  2. Kennedy (Toronto) – 10.0, 10.0
  3. Seneca Hill (Toronto) – 10.0, 9.9
  4. St Justin Maryr (Unionville) – 10.0, 9.9
  5. William Berczy (Unionville) – 10.0, 9.9
  6. Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Toronto) – 10.0, 9.8
  7. Arbour Glen (Toronto) – 10.0, 9.7
  8. John XXIII (Arnprior) – 10.0, 9.7
  9. Pine Grove (St Catharines) – 10.0, 9.6
  10. Deer Park (Toronto) – 10.0, 9.1
  11. RL Beattie (Sudbury) – 10.0, 9.1
  12. Edward Johnson (Guelph) – 10.0, 9.0
  13. Havergal College (Toronto) – 10.0, n/a
  14. Islamic Foundation (Toronto) – 10.0, n/a
  15. Sathya Sai (Toronto) – 10.0, n/a

Top 20 Fastest-Improving Ontario Elementary Schools 

  1. Stella Maris (Catholic), Toronto
  2. Heron Park (Public), Toronto
  3. Munns (Public), Oakville
  4. Cobden (Catholic), Cobden
  5. St. Teresa of Avila (Public), Hamilton
  6. A. Wright (Public), Wallaceburg
  7. J. G. Workman (Public), Toronto
  8. Oakley Park (Public), Barrie
  9. Kimberley (Catholic), Toronto
  10. Bishop Macdonell (Public), Cornwall
  11. Perth Avenue (Public), Toronto
  12. Tottenham (Public), Tottenham
  13. Crestview (Public), Murillo
  14. Edith Cavell (Catholic), St. Catharines
  15. Elda-Rouleau (Public), Alexandria
  16. Archie Stouffer (Public), Minden
  17. Gateway Drive (Public), Guelph
  18. Keith Wightman (Public), Peterborough
  19. Orchard Park (Public), Burlington
  20. St. Mary of the Angels (Catholic), Toronto
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