Are You Getting Results From Private Tutoring Companies?

Top Ten Homework Tips and Strategies

With so many tutoring companies using different methods, it’s a challenge for parents to find the right program that will give them satisfactory results.

In India – It’s the “Never-Left-School” Time of Year

Hanan and Neema at work doing crafts.

You know what they say – all work and no play makes Carly a very dull student.

Which is why I was so puzzled during my visits to various grade schools in the Southern Indian city of Puducherry. My travelmates and I were interested in doing some workshops in a local school – drama games, newspaper writing, English tutoring, etc… – but at most of the schools we visited (which were quite a few – there were A LOT of schools in Puducherry), the kids didn’t have time for extracurricular activities. School days were similar hours, but for many kids the end of class means the beginning of tutoring.

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