Chuck the Chips, Push the Produce

In this day and age, with most families requiring two working parents, it can be really difficult to track your children’s nutrition and ensure that they’re getting the fresh foods needed to keep them healthy.  Most kids are either unwilling or unable to prepare their own food, so parents often turn to processed and pre-packaged items that can be easily opened or microwaved.  This at least ensures that kids aren’t going hungry if they arrive home from school long before Mom and Dad are back from work.  Unfortunately, these types of food lack many of the nutrients found in fresh food and are often packed with harmful additives and preservatives (like sugars, fats, and sodium) that can lead to digestive problems, vitamin deficiency, and even childhood obesity.  Even worse, the eating habits your kids pick up now will likely follow them into adulthood.  For these reasons, it is important to ensure that you feed your kids right, now and in the future.

The Importance of Fresh, Healthy Food for Kids

Studies show that the amount of time a mother is away from her children is directly associated with the occurrence of obesity in them.  And with a slew of advertising campaigns telling parents that pre-packaged goods are both easy and nutritious, it’s no wonder that so many working moms are content to stock their pantries and fridges with processed foods.  And yet, we have a pretty good notion that fresh foods are better for all of us, and especially for children, who have special dietary needs as they grow and develop.  But how can parents work a fresh and healthy diet for their kids into your busy lifestyle?

It’s not as difficult as you might imagine.  Kids, for the most part, will eat what you provide for them. Even if they hate meatloaf or loathe asparagus, they will eventually succumb to hunger and eat the food you prepare.  They certainly won’t be eating chips, sodas, candy, and other quick-fix snacks if you don’t have them in your home in the first place.  Of course, they will eventually have access to these items at school, but you can almost completely control their diet at home.  And you need to start by providing the fresh foods that are good for them.

Fruits and veggies are the easiest by far. By keeping a fruit bowl full of bananas, apples, oranges, pears, plums, and so on, you are providing a snack that any kid can grab and eat when they get home from school and their hunger is at a peak.  And veggies like baby carrots and celery sticks can easily be paired with peanut butter or low-fat ranch dressing to make a delicious and healthy snack that most kids will love.  If they prefer something salty, you should skip the chips and opt for nuts instead.  If you get dry-roast or lightly-salted nuts, your kids will have a filling snack on hand that is packed with good fats.  And you can’t go wrong by tossing them with some raisins, pretzels, and dried fruit to make a healthy and delicious trail mix.

It’s not always easy to feed your kids right, especially when you work long hours and dread the thought of coming home to create an entire balanced meal.  But you can start your kids on the right foot by ditching the junk and providing fresh foods that they can easily grab or prepare on their own.  And when it comes to cooking for them, try quick and simple recipes made with fresh ingredients and keep mixed salad on hand to add to any meal.

Sarah Danielson writes for Spee-Dee where you can find powder filler and rotary filling machines to meet your packaging needs and increase speed and efficiency in your business.

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