Vancouver Private School Expo 2012: Helping Students Find Success

The largest event of its kind, the Vancouver Private School Expo provides parents with the opportunity to speak with schools and current students and school representatives from Vancouver, elsewhere in BC, Canada and internationally. This year’s event proved once again to be a success for families on the hunt for the right school for their child!

For the hundreds of families who attended the Vancouver Private School Expo this past Sunday, speaking with attending member schools was an opportunity to learn more about the options available to them, find out more about such topics as how to pay for private school, and gather important resources that were personalized to their family’s needs in order to choose the right education for their children.

The day began at 10:30 am with live streaming of the Remembrance Day ceremonies in Ottawa, as well as an honorary two minutes of silence at 11 am, and all families were encouraged to attend early to join together in remembering those who have served and continue to serve.

Information seminars began at 11:30 am and answered questions ranging from choosing between co-ed and same gender schools to financing and budgeting options. There were private school education experts on hand to chat with parents throughout and after the seminars, as were other school representatives including current students who were happy to offer insight on their education experience and what school life and the atmosphere is like on their campuses.

As one attendee observed, there were times when the exhibit hall was so packed that people could barely get around each other! Check out what some of the other attendees thought below:

“My son has mild ASD and before I came to the show, I was really discouraged. I have a lot of information now and think I can start a good thorough search.” —Jim, father of grade 10 boy with mild ASD

“I thought that Private Education was unattainable but I can now see real options and choices.” —A couple from Colombia, parents of a three-year-old girl

“I’m here with my parents. They want me to choose my new school. I’ve got my favourite two schools’ information and now, I’m going to go learn more about them!” —New high school student

In addition, speaking face-to-face with school faculty and students was one of the most motivating and positive experiences for families who were either not aware that such a variety of schools were available or just had trouble finding the information they needed on their own. Being able to attend the Expo and get a wide range of resources encouraged many families to rethink their options and go on to attend Open Houses.

The Vancouver Private School Expo wrapped up the Our Kids series of Private School Expos that were held across Canada in Montreal, Calgary, Halton-Peel and Toronto this year, and we are looking forward to even bigger Expos next year! So don’t forget to register to receive information for next year here:

We’d also like to thank our many partners, sponsors and volunteers who contributed to the great success of  all the shows!

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