WillowWood School Open House: Helping All Students Discover and Explore Their Passions

Since 1980, WillowWood School in the heart of Toronto has been providing students with student-centered, individualized education which recognizes that one size does not fit all and addresses each student’s needs. Find out more at their Open House on November 15th, 2012!

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If you’re searching for a school with individualized teaching, small class sizes and a caring family atmosphere, be sure to add WillowWood School to your list!

This traditional private school offers a robust arts, athletics and technology curriculum for all types of learners, with qualified and dedicated teachers. Every type of student is welcome and the student population is so diverse and inclusive that many children who have often struggled in other types of schools flourish at WillowWood, thanks in great part to their individualized approach and teaching meta-cognitive skills in all areas.

Students who enjoy that type of approach to education can fully prepare themselves for university, college or apprenticeships and are encouraged to see that high school is a stepping-stone to the rest of their life. They are consistently given guidance in choosing exciting goals, making plans to reach them, and go on to the universities and colleges of their choice.

WillowWood School’s location close to the DVP and the 401, accessible by TTC, provides an ideal environment for students and families which is described as very warm and familial, with staff and students addressing one another by first names and always with respect. Bullying is rare at WillowWood but when it does happen it is always dealt with immediately and problems in any area are treated as opportunities to teach, learn and grow.

Within the school’s philosophy where all students have a right to learn, to discover their strengths, to take safe risks and to achieve their goals, parents can be assured that their children, no matter their age, will receive a quality education where their strengths will be bolstered, their needs will be addressed, opinions will be respected, and their leadership, interpersonal and self-knowledge will be developed. The school encourages parents to become actively involved in the school community and in their child’s education with consistent, clear communication with the school.

Among the school’s newest features are a new, state-of-the-art Science lab, a swimming program and rock climbing program through phys ed classes, and trips to Space Camp and Europe! WillowWood also has a psychotherapist and art therapist on staff, with a strong focus on health and active living through the Sparks program, workout room, and team sports. They offer many opportunities to get involved in the arts, student government, and the community.

So how does WillowWood School benefit students overall? The school helps all students address their challenges, discover and explore their passions, and develop and utilize their strengths. Interview alumni (in a Limitless series done over the summer) stated that they learned how to study, improved their self-confidence, took risks and experienced new things, and parents see students discover themselves and enter adulthood with confidence.

“When visitors walk into the building for the first time they often remark on the special feeling the school has. That feeling (which I might call magical) is a combination of the history of the school, the energy of the staff, and the spirit of the students. I am confident that you will experience the same feeling if you get a chance to visit us—for an enrolment interview, or to see a musical production, or to cheer for a sports team.” —Joy Kurtz, Director, WillowWood School

Come out and see how WillowWood School can benefit your child at their Open House on Thursday, November 15th, 2012!

Open House Details:

Date: November 15th, 2012
Time: 7:00 pm — 8:30 pm
Contact: Heather Zganec in the Office – [email protected] – 416 444 7644

Guests can meet teachers of all areas and inquire about course offerings, meet with administration, tour the school, ask questions of any sort, meet parents of currently enrolled students, and meet the students themselves.

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