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Polish British Academy of Warsaw
16.04.2020 r.

Online teaching at the Polish British Academy of Warsaw

During the COVID-19 pandemic and in connection with the decision to close schools, preschools and nurseries, the Polish British Academy of Warsaw, like many other non-public schools, began distance learning. We were aware that remote work in combination with on-line teaching will not be easy, but because the school has already used new technologies in its work, we can say that this process went smoothly.

In search for better forms of distance learning, the most important tools for us have become the picture and sound quality allowing for good contact between teachers and students. We have decided that the best choice for us will be the Zoom platform, which also enables to send documents, photos and files. Teachers can select the student they want to speak to at the very moment, as well as write on the board. Everyone has also the option of communicating via chat. The platform we use allows direct contact of students with teachers and at the same time enables meeting with peers.

So that our students' learning does not rely only on intellectual work, we also run PE and music classes, of course adapted to home conditions. Our music teacher shows the children how to dance a “polonez”, as a partner having the biggest cuddly toy they own. In addition, rhythm is taught using all possible kitchen tools.

Tabata or juggling are sports activities that break popularity records in online lessons. Puppets created in art classes become a great base for creating mini theatres, which students record and show with joy, not only to peers. In design and technology classes, under the guidance of a teacher (and sometimes the whole family) they experiment with cooking, creating dishes for entire families.

Photos and videos of these classes, as well as other activities at our school, are available on our Facebook page.


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