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The Canadian School of Warsaw
20.01.2019 r.

Deputy Mayor of Warsaw welcomes our students.

Last week the grand culmination of Grade 4's anti smog campaign took place, as they were proud to accept the invitation from the deputy mayor of Warsaw and visited his office to discuss the essential matter of the Warsaw air pollution.

Upon their arrival, they were welcomed by the Deputy Mayor of Warsaw, Mr. Paweł Rabiej, who was joined by two colleagues: Mrs. Justyna Glusman - Director Coordinator of Sustainable Development and Greenery and Mr. Marek Szolc – member of the Warsaw City Council.

They explained to our conscious students what the city deemed to be the main causes of smog and air pollution in general and they talked about ways in which the city is already combating it.

Students eagerly participated in discussions as they also shared stories about how their own experiences related to the topic. They were also given the opportunity to present their posters and at the end all posters were donated to the city.

We are incredibly grateful for embracing our students' initiative, welcoming their ideas and treating them with such respect and kindness. They will remember this special experience for a long time and will not give up in their determined and persistent need to change things for the better! <3


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