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Akademeia High School
28.10.2021 r.

Sign up for the Assessment Weekend in Akademeia High School


Our uniquely-designed recruitment process is treated primarily as an opportunity for us to learn as much as possible about candidates for our school.

In accordance with our innovative approach to education, we have created a recruitment process unlike any other in Poland. It is composed of lectures, tests and meetings with the Akademeia High School teachers.

All candidates to our school receive feedback on their academic skills and proficiencies from our first-class faculty of teachers.

Assessment weekends for students applying for the 2022/2023 academic year are scheduled as follows:

November 20-21, 2021       Year 10 and Year 12 applicants - register now
March 19-20, 2022               Year 10 and Year 12 applicants
May 14-15, 2022                    Year 9 and  Year 12 applicants
June 4-5, 2022                       Year 10 and  Year 12 applicants, Scholarship applicants

To read more about our admissions process please click here

To start your registration please click here

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