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Lycee Francais de Varsovie
4.12.2020 r.

Students at the LFV can now join an “International Polish program”

Since its creation in 1919 the French School in Warsaw (Lycée français de Varsovie – LFV) has always maintained tight links with Polish language, culture and History. With the opening of a new International Polish program for the academic year 2020/2021, the LFV strengthens its local anchorage and offers a new linguistic and cultural specialization for students interested in learning Polish at an advanced level…

The International Polish program is open to all LFV’s primary school pupils (from CP to CE2) without any prerequisite. For students enrolled in middle or high school, it is recommended to already have a good level of proficiency in Polish to be able to follow the learning program.

Participation in this new program allows students to present the “international option” for the French exams of Brevet and Baccalauréat 


Teaching is provided both by French and Polish teachers in order to put cultural differences into perspective and encourage exchange of point of view. This is an important aspect of this new linguistic and cultural program, as the aim is also to train a new generation of citizens aware of cultural diversity and capable of taking part in intercultural dialogue.

The International program curriculum, set by the French Ministry of Education, relies on a thorough practice of the language based primarily on Poland’s cultural heritage. 

The idea is to promote Polish as a language of communication for the acquisition of skills and knowledge which are necessary for students who are evolving in a bilingual or multilingual environment.

In primary school, the priority is to develop children’s enthusiasm for the Polish language, mainly through reading. Books are a great tool for discovering culture and enriching the cognitive and creative processes of pupils in this language. In terms of linguistic skills, teachers at the LFV work with children on 4 main aspects: oral expression, reading, and written comprehension, written expression, literary and artistic cultural heritage.

In middle and high schools, students benefit from additional courses in Polish language, literature, and History & geography. In History & geography classes, 2 hours per week are taught in Polish and the focus is made on the History of Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries. Students also have extra hours of Polish lessons (4 compared to 2 for students learning Polish at the LFV as a mother tongue). In total, students of the International Program have 5 more hours of learning than those following the regular French curriculum. 


Every year, the French School in Warsaw, which welcomes around 35% of students from Polish families, regularly takes part in cultural activities that promote Polish cultural and historical heritage. Apart from the LFV’s participation in Polish national celebrations and commemorations, teachers encourage students to learn more about Polish cultural wealth through many educational projects about Warsaw, Poland, and Polish traditions. Cultural trips in local museums, theatres, and other cultural institutions are also organized for students, not mentioning that Polish personalities and guest experts are also invited at the school to share their views on Poland from a cultural, economical and social perspective. 

More information about the International Polish program HERE

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