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The costs of an international school

Tuition and fees at international schools in Poland

These days, finding a well-paid job depends to a large extent on your work experience. But the right education is crucial as well. This can often be obtained at an international school.

When planning the future of their children, parents are increasingly aware that the basic knowledge of a foreign language offered by public schools is unfortunately inadequate. For this reason, they’re increasingly considering enrolling their children in international institutions that offer not only foreign language education, but also an expanded curriculum.  continue reading...

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What might it cost to enrol your child in such a school? To find out, it’s worth taking a closer look at several international schools spread all over Poland.

International schools in Poland

International schools weren’t very popular in Poland a dozen or so years ago, because mostly just foreigners and diplomats’ families attended them. But this has now changed. Obviously, one of the main reasons was the increase in wealth in Poland, but one shouldn’t forget that such education is a great investment in the future of a child. In an international school, your child can learn a foreign language very quickly, while also acquiring deep knowledge in many fields of study.

In Polish international schools, education is based mainly on two models. According to the first, lessons are taught only in English, while on the second, learning is conducted both in a foreign language and in Polish.

Unfortunately, when deciding to send a child to such a school, one should take into account the necessity of incurring high costs not only in the form of tuition fees, but also other expenses. So how much do international schools in Poland cost?

International schools in the Tri-Cities

In one of the most prestigious schools in Gdańsk, learning is based entirely on the American education system, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that classes are taught in this school in English. The school also implements the Polish curriculum for Polish and science, but due to the fact that there’s one teacher for every five students, the level of education is very high. However, you have to pay a lot for such learning, because the monthly tuition fee is around 1,750 PLN. However, when it comes to other key costs, it’s worth knowing that, e.g., that this school has an entrance fee of 1,250 PLN, while the test fee is 100 PLN.

International schools elsewhere in Poland

Elsewhere in Poland, you can also find some really noteworthy schools. One of these schools offer both a primary and a high school-level program. Classes at this school are conducted in English, but when it comes to Polish subjects such as history, Polish, and geography, in high school the lessons are conducted in the mother tongue (Polish). Unfortunately, tuition and other costs are not listed on the school's website.

In Kraków, there are three other interesting international schools, where fees are at different levels. In the first of these, tuition amounts to approximately 34,200-36,000 PLN (depending on the class), in the second 55,680 PLN, while in the last 55,910 PLN (prices are given for the entire school year).

Of course, you should also consider the so-called registration fee, which in the second school is 2,200 PLN, while in the last school is 6,300 PLN. The cost of one year of education is considerable, but many institutions allow to pay in installments, which can be far more feasible.

International schools in Warsaw

There are many international schools in and around Warsaw with tuition fees of up to several dozen thousand zlotys per year. For one very prestigious school, the annual tuition fee is about 84,400 PLN, and parents are also required to pay an entry fee of 3,000 PLN and a deposit of 4,000 PLN, which is refundable after the child leaves school. In another, tuition is 30,000 PLN per year, payable in 10 or 12 installments, and the registration fee is 1,500 PLN. There is also a prestigious international high school, where tuition costs from 20,800 to 23,800 PLN per year (depending on the class), and the registration fee is 2,000 PLN.

In the case of another international school located near the Polish capital, the tuition fee is around 32,000 PLN. However, the amount depends on whether the child is going to primary school or high school. As for the entry fee, it’s approximately 4,000 PLN. Classes at this school are of course conducted in English, and the school is also attended by children of foreign politicians and diplomats.

There are also schools that offer international departments (classes). In one such school in Warsaw, the tuition fee is 900 PLN per month, and the registration fee is 1,000 PLN.

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