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Schools in Poland with Advanced Placement courses

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are one of the most popular ways to pursue further education for American and Canadian teenagers. In Poland, they’re not very popular yet, but this may change soon.  continue reading...

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What is Advanced Placement?

Advanced Placement is a program created by the College Board, an American non-profit organization that brings together universities and schools in the US. Thanks to it, students of high schools can start their post-secondary studies at an earlier stage of education. AP courses are also a welcome item when applying to prestigious universities.

Thanks to the subjects included in this program, your child’s university stay may be shorter, so the costs of obtaining higher education may be lower. In the US, where universities and colleges can be relatively expensive, this is important for talented students from poorer families. AP courses cover dozens of subjects such as art history, music theory, history, geography, psychology, English language or literature, biology, macro- and micro-economics, chemistry, foreign languages. There’s also one covering research methodology.

The Advanced Placement Program in Poland

The possibility of showing off passed Advanced Placement exams is not as important when applying for university in the United States or Canada, but it will definitely impress your future employer or when applying to international schools. Just taking an AP course allows you to become acquainted with higher-level academics and forces you to develop completely new skills that can be very useful during further education. For these reasons, international schools are increasingly bragging about offering their students the option of taking Advanced Placement courses.

Schools with Advanced Placement courses

Advanced Placement can be found most often in the international school curriculum, which is usually located in larger cities (including Warsaw, Szczecin, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Łódź, and Poznań). For example, in Kraków there are several such schools, each of which consists of a preschool, primary school, and high school.

AP courses are one, but not the only way to supplement school education. Some schools also offer additional language, artistic and sports programs, and some schools even focus primarily on one of these areas. Most such schools also have several specialized employees to provide extra support—in addition to teaching staff, they may have speech therapists, psychologists, and in the case of more serious health problems, there is also a medical practitioners. International projects are regularly organized where students from different countries take part, which is conducive to both learning foreign languages, intercultural exchanges of experience, and broadening horizons.

How much is an Advanced Placement course?

Tuition fees at schools are one of the more expensive investments in a child's future. Some of the more expensive private schools cost as much as several tens of thousands of zlotys a year. As far as the AP program is concerned, unless the school states otherwise, the classes are free and the fee is charged only for the exam itself, which is about one hundred dollars.

Who is Advanced Placement for?

Although primarily in the United States and Canada, Advanced Placement programs are targeted at practically anyone planning to move on to post-secondary studies. In Poland, completing one or more AP courses will be most useful for those planning to study or work outside the country, or those who are particularly interested in further development in the philological direction.

The AP program can be a great opportunity to improve your English, while learning specific subjects at a very high level. International schools, where many AP courses are offered, are also a great opportunity for a better start into the future, especially for people with strong language skills, because they cultivate language learning inside and outside the classroom. This kind of knowledge will be a desirable trait in almost every profession.

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