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How do you choose the right preschool?

Choosing the right preschool for your child

Preschool is not compulsory in Poland. The beginning of compulsory school is the so-called “zero year” before Grade 1. But many parents believe sending a child to preschool is a good idea.

Why? And how should you go about choosing a preschool for your child?  continue reading...

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Benefits of a preschool education

Regardless of whether you choose a public or private preschool, this type of education has several advantages, including:

Features of private preschools

Your first decision in selecting a preschool is whether to choose public or private?

The former are very often difficult to get into, are often restricted to children from their region (called “regionalization”), have larger classes and fewer educators, and normally offer less varied and unique programming. Of course, this isn’t the same everywhere, but these are the most noticeable features of public preschools.

Private preschools are very different, but usually—because they charge tuition (keep in mind, though, that public preschools aren’t free)—and are in competition with each other, they try to ensure the highest level of care and education.

So what can you expect in a private preschool, which might justify paying tuition?

Choosing a preschool

It’s worth getting acquainted with these features of preschools, and comparing in terms of such criteria. Is it a profiled preschool? What is its educational philosophy. What are its staff and class sizes like? What educational approach does it use? Does it employ a speech-language therapist and psychologist?

It’s also worth considering other criteria:

How to learn about preschools

Let's remember there are no ideal schools or preschools, but it is possible to find ones that will satisfy most of your expectations.

What’s the best way to find this out? Websites and brochures can provide lots of information, but such materials mostly show off strengths.

It’s always ideal to obtain objective information, and even better to be able to compare different preschools in terms of key criteria. Here, OurKids.net comes in handy.

It’s also good to visit preschools that interest you, to see everything with your own eyes, ask teachers questions, get a feel for the class environment, and get a sense if it looks like a good fit.

Is it worth hearing what parents of children who went to the preschool have to say? Certainly, but keep in mind what may be an advantage for some (e.g., quite strict discipline) may for others be a disadvantage. Opinions depend on the expectations and values ​​parents have, and these can vary greatly.

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