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How to educate a multilingual child

The founder of the International Trilingual School of Warsaw talks about teaching children in three languages

For many parents, it’s a priority for their children to know at least one and preferably more foreign languages. They make multilingualism a priority.

Research indicates that the earlier you start learning a foreign language or languages, the better the results. However, factors such as when and how the child learns the language are crucial.  continue reading...

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The best way to learn foreign languages, many believe, depends at least partly on the age of the learner. While certain methods work best in nursery and preschool, others may work better at the school level.

In this Polish-language video, you will learn from Anna Maliszewska, founder of the International Trilingual School of Warsaw:

• how a child's brain learns a new language,

• how to best teach children languages—methods, conditions, etc.

• the differences in children learning new languages at different ages,

• how much time it takes for immersion to have the intended effects,

• "teaching a given language" and "teaching in a given language" are two different matters,

• some differences between Polish, American, British, and French curricula,

• how the International Trilingual School of Warsaw is successful in educating multilingual children.

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